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The objectives of the BCCM are to enhance performance of the Global Fund activities in Bangladesh in partnership with stakeholder constituencies, to promote efficient program implementation, to avoid duplication by harmonizing Global Fund activities with other programs throughout Bangladesh, and to strengthen coordination among stakeholder constituencies.

Voter Registration

BCCM voter Registration process has been started. To apply please go to the voter registration page.

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Candidate Registration

BCCM Candidate registration process has been started. To apply please go to the Candidate registration page.

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BCCM Governance Manual

Bangladesh CCM Governance Manual provides a set of principles, requirements, rules and regulations to guide BCCM Membership, structure, governance and operations.

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About BCCM

Bangladesh Country Coordinating Mechanism (BCCM) is a multi-sectoral national body that is mandated by the Global Fund. It was established in 2002 to access and oversee Global Fund financing that supports and complements Bangladesh’s national responses to three major diseases– HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis (TB) and Malaria. The BCCM is a key element in the Global Fund’s commitment to national and local ownership of the country proposals; grant implementation, and participatory decision-making within Bangladesh.