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BCCM Membership Renewal – 2016

Non-governmental Organizations (NGO)

NGOs are valuable to CCMs as they generally have strong connections with community stakeholders and vulnerable populations; they have experience in implementation and are well placed to contribute valuable insights into the development of funding applications and the determination of programmatic activities. Some NGOs are also well placed to further support the participation of vulnerable and marginalized groups in CCMs, through capacity building or facilitating access to services of hard-to-reach groups.

NGO # of Seat
NGO working with HIV/AIDS 1
NGO working with TB Program 1
NGO working with Malaria Program 1
NGO working with women and children 1
Total NGO seats 4


Criteria for voting membership of NGO constituency

  • Registered with the Bangladesh NGO Bureau. The organizations must submit copy of the valid registration certificates or registration number and date of registration;
  • The organizations must be operational for a minimum of 10 years and have work experiences in the health sector particularly in HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria and have implemented at least one health sector program;
  • Programmatic disbursement of Tk. 10 lacs annually over the last five years;
  • Proof of annual audit for last three years;
  • The organizations have specified service areas;
  • The organizations have ability and mechanism to coordinate the sectors as well as capable of informing the organizations within the constituencies and ensuring their decision and participation for the CCM processes.
  • Each registered voter can cast one vote against each of the 4 seats. In other words a voter can vote one vote for NGO HIV/AIDS seat, one for TB, one for Malaria and one for Women and Children.
  • The voters registered during the previous BCCM election will be required to re-register for 2016 election.

Criteria for candidate for election of NGO constituency

  • Relevant experience and expertise in the health sector;
  • Proven track record of active participation in NGO initiatives;
  • Access to CSO communication channels;
  • Leadership experience;
  • Represents NGO constituency/sector and able to report back;
  • Willingness to contribute and commit time to CCM activities;
  • Represents the interest of their entire constituency, and not those of the individual self or organization;
  • Of the 4 NGO seats, maximum of 1 seat may come from Global Fund grant recipient.

Documenting the Election of Constituency Representatives

Documenting election/selection process. Respective constituency (NGO) presents documentary evidence of their election process for electing their member and alternates that meet Global Fund requirements. The CCM Secretariat shall store copies of these documents in its archive.

  • Documents describing membership renewal processes followed and the results of these processes;
  • BCCM Election Commission will finalize the candidate and member/alternate election processes; 

Required Documentations

  1. Details of constituency: name and sector;
  2. Constituency membership list (detailed by member’ name, organization, sector clearly identifying this individual as representing the constituency)
  3. Copies of public communications, newspaper advertisements (print, web), circular letter, request of expression of interest etc. inviting non-governmental sector to a meeting to select their CCM members;
  4. Minutes of meeting of the sector (such as an Umbrella group, network) describing how they chose their representative
  5. Voting record, showing names of members voting
  6. Minutes of meeting describing the nomination process that selected the member and alternate to the BCCM;
  7. Letter to BCCM Secretariat from organization(s)/constituency representing the sector, which also describes the process of selection and final results.

Download Criteria  Voter Registration Form  Candidate Registration Form